Self Forgiveness Mirror Script


Good Morning, today I am sharing what is called the Self Forgiveness Mirror Script. Remember to always be self forgiving and that there is no shame in coming back to re-read this. I will have more next week on the topic Understanding Values.

  • I forgive you for (the past event).
  • You are human being subject to making mistakes and errors.
  • You do not need to be perfect in order for me to love you.
  • This (past event) is just an example of the challenges which you have been given.
  • You will meet the challenge and grow by handling the pain and hurt from the problem (past event) over (to your Higher Power) to take it off your shoulders.
  • You don’t need to be so burdened by the pain and hurt you feel because of this (past event).
  • You are a good person. I love you.
  • You deserve my understanding, compassion and forgiveness.
  • You deserve to come out from behind the wall you have built around yourself as a result of this (past event).
  • I love seeing you, talking to yo and listening to you.
  • You have within you all you need to grow in self esteem, self confidence, self respect and self deservedness.
  • There is nothing you have ever done that can’t be forgiven by me.
  • You did the best you could knowing what you did at the time.
  • You have compulsive and impulsive habitual ways of acting which you are working to change.
  • You may have slip ups again but as long as you get back up on the wagon of recovery and keep on trying, that’s good enough for me.
  • You no longer need to condemn yourself for this (past event).
  • You are forgiven. I love you and I am so happy to have you in my life.
  • You and I are best friends and together we will gain strength by giving all our past hurt, pain, guilt, self anger and self hatred away.
  • I feel lighter as we talk because I feel the burden of the hurt, pain and guilt over this (past event) lifting from my shoulder.
  • I see you holding your head up and standing taller as I forgive you for this (past event).
  • I feel the peace and serenity of letting go of the need to hold on to it (past event) anymore
  • I forgive you because you deserve to be forgiven. No one needs to hold onto such a burden for so long.
  • You deserve a better life than you have been giving yourself.
  • Let go of this (past event) and know that you are forgiven.
  • You are a lovable, capable special person and I promise to continue to work on letting go of hurt and pain from the past which has been preventing your inner healing and self growth.

After reading the above, take a moment and ask yourself the following question:

What first steps can I take to become more compassionate with myself as I reserve judgment and accept myself as a human being just trying to survive.


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