I’m a touch frustrated this morning. Yesterday, it seems my comment setting somehow was turned off when other times it was on; thereby those wanting to leave comments couldn’t *grr*

I woke up in a rage, I’ve been working this morning on figuring out why I’ve been feeling this way. Until it comes to me, I chose to take the dogs one by one for a walk in the rain. One of my dogs is very passive aggressive and figures she’s the boss, so its been a battle of wits in asserting my alpha with her.

When I speak of alpha, I do not use violence with any of my animals, which in the past when my temper would flare, I would throw things and it scared me at how angry I could be and how I was able to lift things that normally I would not be able to. This is when I realized I didn’t like being that person and had to seek more help in finding out why I was that way.

That is when I was diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder. Not just because I was angry, but some of the other traits I showed.

Then I learned through tests etc, I was diagnosed Bipolar II.

So I have been working through my emotions this morning.

  • Talked to a friend
  • Took my dogs out for a walk
  • Watched a comedy on tv
  • Went on social media to ready some positive topics.

I have reminded myself that I am worthy and that this will pass. I know it will.



6 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. That is so frustrating! Our blogs are our babies, I hate when something goes wrong – like comment settings getting turned off. It can completely mess with your day. I admire how open you are about your struggles. You seem so keen and self-aware. I wish you the best on your journey.

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