Hysterectomy and mental illness

colorful-treeI realized today that although I’ve been diagnosed major depressive with anxiety over the years, it wasn’t until I had my hysterectomy 2 years ago that most likely triggered my bipolar and BPD, both of which I’ve probably has for a long time.

So I put this question out to the blogisfere…. When you were diagnosed was it as a result of a major event in your life.

Did you have troubles sleeping? I know I’ve had a lot of problems. Stress, has been a problem, but for me I’ve been learning tools and coping skills that do help, but it does take practice.

What about family and friends? Do they understand what it is you live with? How many walked away because it was scary and more then they wanted to have in their life?

How many of you see a psychiatrist? How do you feel about him/her? I actually like mine, although in the beginning I want sure if I would lol.


5 thoughts on “Hysterectomy and mental illness

    1. That is why there is so much stigma. Bipolar is genetic, usually from the father’s side . It is a mood disorder, usually of being really happy to depression . Sometimes the moods can be severe.

      If you want to learn more, check out. http://www.health line.com/health/bipolar-disorder.com

  1. I’m not bipolar, but four of my kids are diagnosed (they’re ages 11-28). I’m so sorry that people don’t understand. I really am. I work very hard to fight the stigma associated with this illness. I’s frustrating, for sure. Just know there are people who care, who aren’t afraid and, to a degree, understand.

    Dropping by from the SITS girls!

  2. I was diagnosed at 14, but looking back, I definitely had episodes before then. I don’t know what triggered it. I slept too much, I was extremely depressed and extremely angry. Family and friends mean well, but they just don’t understand it. I have had some people walk away. And my psychiatrist? I’m not too fond of him. But, I have an amazing therapist.

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