Welled Up in Tears

I was reading a link provided on a friend’s feed on Facebook. It was about a young man with mental and physical disabilities. It broke my heart and yet I’m relieved that the police officers stepped and are going to help him find somewhere to live and be safe.


How many of you have had your family turn their back on you?

How many have had to deal with your own mental illness on your own?

Have friends stood by to help you?

I realize that some families don’t know what respite care is or that there are options to getting support; but for me, that doesn’t make it right to turn your back on your child; no matter how old they are.


4 thoughts on “Welled Up in Tears

  1. It’s a sad story. I sincerely hope that mental health services are adequate where you live in Canada. They may not be, across the border in Washington State. I can tell you, from the experience of family members in various parts of the United States, that mental health services, including respite for families are lacking in many areas of our country. Where I live in upstate New York, services are being cut for both those with mental and developmental disabilities, including for my developmentally disabled brother in law, due to budget woes. I’m not saying it is right for his family to desert him, and bless the stranger and the police who stepped in. What I am saying is that there may be more to this story than we know, and I can only hope help is found for him.

  2. Such a sad story Sharon. I agree to turn your back on your child, and with cerebral palsy! I imagine they thought he might have been intoxicated possibly; however, for whatever reason(s), it seems inexcusable to just leave him and let him go, on his own. I don’t blame him for going to horses as they don’t judge him as you say. ❤

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