Broken Sleep, Nose Bleeds and Slugs

Today has not been my day!

I had a terrible sleep, which bipolar people know is nasty on us. It leaves us susceptible to being moodier and possibly manic. So not only did I have poor sleep, I woke up to a nose bleed, not just a little tap your nose with tissue and its gone. I mean, a full on nose bleed. Not sure why, just not pleased it gave another dent in my getting sleep.

This morning I let the dogs out, now imagine if you will, I have an open carport, the dogs have free reign to go do their business, as I am watching them, in my jammies and house coat, I walk down my two steps to call them in. Well, just as I took that forward step I felt this “squish” cold feeling. I was mortified! Why on earth was there a slug in my carport?

I have noticed that I have had to keep busy, that I become very anxious if I don’t do something.

The other thing I recognized is that my self esteem group ended yesterday. At the time I was fine with it, but I realize now, that the change and conclusion has left me in a feeling of “crashing”. I do have another 2 groups I will be starting in early October, its just that the wait between now and then.  I do have my tools and I will make a conscious effort to use them.



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