Feeling Better

I usually have things to blog about and yet for the moment, my brain is blank lol. I better write that down in my calendar!

Seriously though, I ordered the light I blogged about yesterday and have upped my Vitamin D to 6,000 i.u.  I’m not sure if the Vitamin D works quickly, but I did feel better this morning. Regardless, I will take whatever good days I can get.

I was out and about today, shopping and using coupons, I find that spending the time finding coupons for grocery shopping, although more time consuming I saved over $33 on a bill of $154, I’m pretty impressed with myself! As well, I’m a woman on Disability, so I do all I can to save an extra dollar where I can.

I have a some what busy weekend and am looking forward to seeing what happens.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Better

  1. Hope you feel better as well. It might be a good weekend to take some time and relax. You mentioned you try to save money anyway you can. Have you thought about turning a hobby into a business to have additional money coming in?

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