Basic Levels of Respect

I have been having a good weekend. I do volunteer work for rescuing dogs, spent time with my partner, and still feeling pretty good on 6,000 I.U. on Vitamin D.

Today things changed ….a lot.

Once a month my partner and I met up with friends for brunch. Normally it’s quite enjoyable. Today, however, it wasn’t. Today left me feeling hurt and angry. I felt by blogging it will get the feelings out and I can start to move forward.

Today we were sitting at a long table, the kind where you have 3 people on each side. A woman who arrived late was going to sit on the end and her partner sat beside me.

Everyone ordered their drinks, everything is going smoothly. The woman who arrived late, asks the waitress if she can move the table that I’m sitting at with the 5 other people. The waitress hesitantly says ‘I guess so’. Next thing I know my table has been moved, those that were sitting there aren’t and even when I spoke up, the woman ignored me anyways!

My partner and I were so angry that he got up from his seat to come and sit with me as we no longer were! The waitress came back and she was completely confused as everyone who was sitting where they had an assigned number. Now with this table shifting, everything was mixed up and our waitress was the only one shift.

People overall knew how upset I was, I mean the basic tenants of respect were completely ignored! This also triggered a huge  abandonment issue because of the disregard shown by  someone I have considered a friend.

My partner (unknowing to me) went to the counter and spoke to the waitress about what has happened. She gave us our beverages for free (we hadn’t ordered our meals yet) and he came to me and said we are leaving. As we are getting everything one of our friends said that if we have anything to say by all means day it.

As we got near the exit, I heard my friends comments so I quickly went up to where this person was  sitting and I said (very loudly) “you could have at least asked!”

My partner said very sternly, let’s go because if he  says  what he really wants to say it will not be polite and a scene would be had.

I’ve been thinking about all of this and honestly I do not have anything to apologize for . I don’t hate this person, however, an apology is needed before I even consider having anything to do with her.


9 thoughts on “Basic Levels of Respect

  1. Sharon, though this person could have heard you out, it seemed like they were unwilling to. Would it have been a possibility to ask a question that might have indicated a reason, valid or otherwise, on their account? Then perhaps the situation could have been at least a bit understandable. ❤

    1. Sorry to hear. I hope you are able to resolve it before or next time you meet them again. Take care. ❤

    1. It really has made me mad! I have noticed what it has done to my body physically, feeling flushed etc. So the best I can do is blog and hope that the feelings lessen. Sadly, this person and I our paths will cross again at another get together.

  2. Ohhhh I meet so many people like this and it makes me sad. The world would be a better place with respect and kindness and thinking of one another more. Sorry you had to go through this and I totally “get” where you are coming from.

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