How has blogging helped my mental health?

I’ve been blogging awhile now, sometimes my blogs get the attention of others, sometimes they don’t. I think to myself why do I blog? Do I do it for me? Do I do it for everyone else? What do I gain from blogging? 

I think I blog for a few reasons.

I do blog for myself. I realized with my post yesterday, which you can refresh yourself here

that getting the feelings out of me and into the Universe did relieve some of the build up. Seeing the comments of others helped to validate my feelings.

When I blog for everyone else, especially when it comes to my Journey to Wellness, I enjoy sharing what I have learned in therapy because there is so much to consider in terms of the ways we think about things, how we process in our mind and hopefully giving a different perspective for you, the reader, to see.

The last question, “what do I gain from blogging?” is a bit tougher for me because I tend to over think and then my brain draws a blank. I know that I want my words to be read, because if I didn’t I would be writing in my little pink journal I had when I was younger. (I must admit I have journal books all over the place here at home lol) So, I believe that I gain confidence from writing, I learn better styles and tips from reading other blogs and I like to blog!

I know that blogging can be all complicated and people often have no idea where to begin or what to write. I’ve learned a lot from

Have a great day!


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6 thoughts on “How has blogging helped my mental health?

  1. I have been struggling for some time with the “do I blog for me or other people” question myself. I started my blog in 2004 for me… and kept it that way for many years until last year, I realized I had more I wanted to share with the world. I rebuilt my blog and started over with the goal of discovering what I truly cared about. It was still for me. But then, I realized that when it was just me writing, I wasn’t truly thinking about how I could *help* people… so I have now taken on yet another transition in trying to help people with (most of) my posts. But I don’t think people like to read advice… and so I struggle with how to combine “me” with “advice.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic and the link.

    1. Its a fine line isn’t it. On one hand you want to write for you and yet want to share what you may have learned in your life experiences.. Don’t give up, I know you will find your niche.

  2. I know what you mean. I started blogging as a way to destigmatize the concept of suicide for those of us who have lost a parent (or other family member) in that manner, but as time went on, not only did I heal myself, but I learned that others were gaining something from what I wrote. As you said, some of my posts are strictly for me, while others definitely touch other people. If nothing else, I sleep better at night because I write my blog post just before I go to bed, so the monkey mind is satisfied for awhile.

    1. Thank you for such a personal response. I completely understand about how writing can help heal oneself and as well as help destigmatize (I too lost a family member to suicide).

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