Bipolar update

I had my monthly psychiatric appointment. I’m thankful that I like him, I’ve heard horror stories of those who don’t or are being over medicated.

Our visits start out with him asking me how I am, how have I been feeling, etc.

I updated him on my reintroduction on vitamin D and that I had purchased a happy compact light. He commented that it made sense with the reduction of sunlight.

Out of nowhere I start talking about how my moods are very up and down right now.  That I am not sure if it is the full moon, but I do know that after a full moon has gone away, my mood seems to balance out a little better.

I told him I’m really concerned with the fact I can get really angry quickly and then within a short period of time, I act like nothing is wrong. Same goes for sex. One minute I’ve not had interest for many, many, months and then there’s a sudden increase that goes beyond acceptable. I asked if my mania is what is causing that, as it has before. He said that Wellbutrin (that I’m on) can cause a spike like that. I asked what are we to do? I’m not wanting to change the current cocktail because until that,  combined with group therapy things have been relatively balanced.

So, combined with my self esteem group therapy that finished last week, he suggested we do a low dosage of Zoloft. I asked him why? He said that it will balance out the Wellbutrin. I’m skeptical, because I’m not wanting to become av drug zombie. As it is I take Lithium for my bipolar, Eppival for mood as well as Wellbutrin.

In case anyone is wondering I do get outside everyday, I walk my 3 dogs, often separately so that I get more exercise. I often do errands just to get me out of the house.

This week I start 2 new groups. One is called Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault and the other is called Process Group. The first one is 30 weeks and the second is 10 weeks.

Let the next journey begin.


6 thoughts on “Bipolar update

    1. Thank you Stone Creek Resale. In the past I’ve had many days where I’ve isolated and it really made my anxiety worse. I don’t want to go back that way.


  1. Hello Sierra!
    I’m not sure if I have read your posts before. (I think I may have done)
    I just want to say that I think you are incredibly brave!

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  2. You are so brave to be openly vulnerable like this. I can only think that being able to talk about what you are facing, how you are feeling, etc, has a healing effect. I admire your courage!

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