Music and Mental Health

I will be doing another blog after this one as I have been hit with a ton of emotions following my first day at my new group.

This blog is about how music has impacted me and my mental health.

This morning I was watching the Today Show and in there concert segment was one of my favorite bands… Fleetwood Mac.

Talk about a memory of my childhood! All original members were there and as I listened, I found myself going back in time where I didn’t have to think, that I was safe whether it be in my mind or my room or wherever I was at that moment. For those few moments I enjoyed variety of songs, but it was one by Stevie Nicks called “Gypsy” that really had me tearing up.

You can watch it here on YouTube

I found on my drive to my group this morning that I was singing in the car and I noticed that I was listening to the words I was saying and understanding why it had me feeling emotional. “Gypsy” represented my life. The not having the stability or structure, but I got through it.

Mentally, I find music helps calm my mind. I often will have music on low in my car or maybe on my laptop.

How about you? What helps calm your mind?

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6 thoughts on “Music and Mental Health

  1. I love listening to music. I listen to music while I exercise. I listen to music while I’m on the computer (I have a playlist on my blog :)). I listen to music when I need something to cheer me up. Besides music, prayer helps calm my mind. I lay all my burdens and anxieties in God’s hand and let go. He is in control, not me. Liberated and at peace.

  2. I don’t think people realize how much music helps in everyday life even if one does not struggle with mental illness. I too, struggle with a mental illness and have found throughout the years that music helps the symptoms of my mental illness. I also knows that it helps many others who too struggle with mental illness. Thank you for sharing.

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