Online and Offline Journal/Blog

How many of you keep an offline journal as well as your online blog?

As I start my process group, the requirement is to keep a journal that we have to write in so that I can process what happens in the group and my thoughts and feelings over the coming weeks.

I struggle with writing a journal. In my past, excerpts of my journal were used in a motor vehicle accident claim and I never really recovered writing versus blogging. I guess with public blogging, I can make it private and password protected whereas with writing a journal there is no such thing.

My written journal in terms of my process group is to be a safe place to store my thoughts and feelings; it can also serve as a “yardstick” for you in my recovery process. Looking back at what I have written several months earlier can give me a sense that I have move from where I was.

As for topics, there may be a lot to choose from, or there may be none lol. But I know that there will be suggested topics each week. Its not rigid to the point I have to stay on the topic; the main thing is that I am writing/ expressing myself.

Processing the topic(s) that was (were) discussed in the group or else what I noticed I felt and what I thought during the discussion.

So, tell me what do you do? Do you do both? Do you just keep a blog? How many? Is one private and one public?

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3 thoughts on “Online and Offline Journal/Blog

  1. I have written journals since I was eleven, I love having them all to look back on, I just recently starting this blogging thing as part of my therapy. But, I am starting new therapy now so I will be doing a written journal for group and sessions as well. That will be tricky trying to keep up with both, But, I will do my best ❀

  2. I don’t keep a private journal online because there’s no such thing as online privacy. πŸ™‚ Even with a password protected post, a true hacker can get inside it.

    I write for the world to see, and I don’t share anything that I don’t want the world to know.

    I don’t write in an offline journal, unless we talk about a diary when I was a child. πŸ™‚

  3. I keep both, although most of my writing is done online. I use the theory that if I’m concerned about anything being online… it stays in private writings offline. Better be safe than sorry. Sometimes it involves personal comments about another person that I don’t want to seek permission to share. Sometimes it’s things that I don’t know whether I’m comfortable sharing. If it’s meant to be private, I’d never, EVER put it online – even in a locked journal.


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