10 Reasons Why My Life is Worth Recovering For

I have been staring at this screen for a few moments now combined with the sheet from my process group. I am having a hard time shaking the cobwebs out of my skull this morning.

I’ve never examined why life is worth recovering for. I realize it is part of my recovery process, but just on my own merits it isn’t anything I have ever thought of and it makes me question why that is. So I have decided to write out my 10 Reasons Why LIfe is Worth Recovering For:

  1. A good meaningful hug
  2. Enjoying a morning sunrise and sunset
  3. A good friend who doesn’t care what you look like.
  4. The love of animals (unconditional love is the best!)
  5. A good cup of tea (ahhhhh)
  6. Dance like no one is looking (who cares, I don’t)
  7. The sound of the Ocean, I’ve missed those waves when I lived somewhere else!
  8. My love of gardening (i love to plant my seeds and to see them flourish for eating and sharing)
  9. My love of Snoopy and Woodstock makes me smile and feel happy inside
  10. Charity/Volunteer work (I take great pride in what I do and it really helps me feel something on the inside)

At first starting my list was super hard, but I know that is because I  over think things. So I googled what I was looking for and once I saw things that I was truly passionate about; my very own 10 Reasons Why Life is Worth Recovering For started to flow off my fingers.

My wish is that whenever I feel really down that I come back to this blog and realize I really do have a Reason for Recovering.



7 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why My Life is Worth Recovering For

  1. What a great list 🙂
    #9 made me smile–I’m woodstock and my twin is snoopy. We’re Bestfriends. I even have snoopy/Woodstock checks 🙂
    Have a great week 🙂 you deserve it!

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