Overwhelmed emotions and Canadian Tragedy

Itriggersn case anyone has been under a rock, today my country experienced something unprecedented. A shooter killed a solider standing at the National War Museum of the Unknown Solider. This is a huge honor. The gun the solider holds is not with bullets and today perhaps that very same weapon could have helped save his life.

3 hours ago a gunman walked up to the Parliament Building and opened fired, if you google it you will find a taped feed of what the sounds and shots were heard. That shooter is dead by the Sergeant at Arms who always has a loaded weapon.


As I found myself watching all of this unfold on my t.v. my eyes couldn’t be taken away. I shared what I learned with my spouse who is at work, via text. He asked me to step away from the media because he could tell I was becoming overwhelmed which of course induces my anxiety.

I wanted to blog and get the feelings out. I feel very agitated and fearful. The reality that my country is no longer peaceful as it has always been known is what is what I am feeling. Anything that I have ever seen as “bad” has always been far away, never in my own country.

Now in terms of my mental health, I am grateful that I have my group today, so that I can decompress my feelings. I am also looking forward to not hearing any radio, tv or social media.  While I will have my cell with me, we can’t be looking at it while in session.

But I will be honest I feel short fused, right now my cat is wandering the house meowing, most likely looking for his cat mates who are most likely not far from him. Yet, his whining is driving me nuts!

I know the coming days are going to be fueled with this tragedy as more and more information is released about what has transpired.

I think its time to go read my book.



3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed emotions and Canadian Tragedy

  1. I am sorry for this tragedy and that it triggered your anxiety. I hope and pray that God will give you peace and calmness. Praying here also for the victims and their families and for Canada. Hugs.

  2. WOW – I had no idea. I’m so glad you found an outlet for your feelings. Having a framework for how to handle stress is certainly a crucial part of anyone’s health plan. Prayers to you and your country.

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