7 months later…

Today I received a call, one I wasn’t expecting. It was from the police officer regarding the March 2014 accident that I was a first responder to. If you need to be refreshed you can read it here https://sexyonthedarkside.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/out-of-body-feeling/.

He mentioned that he was looking to close the file, but that I was the only one who had not given a statement. He asked if I remember anything of that day and I said I did. I went on to tell him what I remembered. He asked me if I could come down to the detachment and give a recorded statement? I said that I could and made my way down there.

I felt fine on the way there, I gave my statement, it didn’t take long. He said that my statement was excellent and that it filled in some blank spots that they had.

How I was missed I don’t know. I have up until a month ago, spoken with Victim’s Services. We’ve checked in with one another, we have gone over emotions, what I’m feeling etc. I even mentioned that to the officer. I asked if I have flashbacks can I contact Victim’s Services and he said I could.

I’ve been through therapy regarding obviously my mental state, and it included the PTSD regarding this accident.

Honestly, I really don’t want to go through this nightmare again.



2 thoughts on “7 months later…

  1. There is nothing like having a car accident right in front of your home. Two different times, we have been in homes where a car accident happened. One was many many years ago in West Virginia, when we were visiting my sister. The accident happened in front of her home. We had a baby a few months before, so I stayed in the house. But it still comes back to me. Then about 6 years ago we were sound asleep and about 3 in the morning in May, a young lady on her way home from a prom party at the beach in Eastern North Carolina flipped her car over. Earlier that evening, her mother was having a Bible Study at their home. They prayed over the daughter. She walked away with cuts and bruises, but lived. It once again was something that I will never forget. May you find comfort and rest during these times. I am sure that had to be quite disconcerting to receive that phone call 7 months later.

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