BPD and Trust

I know that help is out there if I ask for it. Many times it isn’t obvious; sometimes you have to dig and dig, to get what you want.

For me, having Bipolar and BPD, I don’t trust very easily with outside support. I have been let down one too many times to believe that people/friends/family are available and support me.

I’ve been researching out a therapist who deals with trauma. I’ve not shared those traumatic situations, perhaps in time I will. My therapist who I’ve seen for a long time has said that she doesn’t do “trauma therapy”, not that she wouldn’t, but she did recommend a couple of places/links to seek out someone who does.

I have thought about this and researched this; as well as left it alone, thinking perhaps the answers would come to me on their own. I’ve come to understand I am not comfortable adding another person to my regime of therapists. I don’t know if it is my Bipolar/BPD talking but the idea of resharing my life with someone new makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve also wondered if it is because I have a good client/therapist relationship with the therapist I have now.

I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone a few times and it is a 50/50 crap shoot if there will be a positive or set back result.

How many of you struggle with Trust and Mental Health? How have you worked through it? What has worked for you?