Let’s Play

Growing up I didn’t have much of a chance to play. As a little girl I didn’t get to play as I was looking after my sister quite a bit. As a result, I lost the ability to remain a little girl and playing with dolls, playing with toys or keeping friends.

On Friday at my Healing session, we talked about ways to help bring down my wall of detachment. See, the interesting thing about my Healing session (which is one on one), is that it is a hands on combination of Eastern and Western promoting healing from the inside; less on “talk therapy”. I find it very relaxing as there is meditation and it give the mind an ability to stop thinking and just “be”.

So this weekend, I have been thinking about ways to bring out my “play”. I have come to realize that I have had moments lately where I feel if I am doing to much, I become resentful. I learned on Friday it is because deep inside my little girl has been stolen and replace with being an adult.  The clinician and I discussed ways for me to enjoy playing.

We came up with coloring books, reading kids books, run and jump in autumn leaves, watching cartoons.

However, I went and saw my uncle over the weekend, who is an author and was having a book signing at a craft fair. He has written two books and I went and picked up mine. He was very pleased to see me, called me “kiddo” which is something he has always done; and he, without even realizing it; honored my little girl. I left feeling very happy, a smile from ear to ear.

Here are his two books:


If you are interested in learning more about his books you can reach him at

Fireside Stories Publishing
Website: www.FiresideStoriesPublishing.com
Email: Bruce@FiresideStoriesPublishing.com

The books are also available on Amazon.ca




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