Today it is very dark and raining. Having SAD makes days like this challenging. I have been sticking to my 6,000 I.U. of Vitamin D, light therapy, combined with group therapy, and psychiatry.

I want to share what I wrote yesterday in my personal notebook.

The pieces of the paper all hanging through the room. A topic above each one. Now I stand before each one, reflecting on what will I write. Sometimes I know exactly what to say. The offender now being addressed. I feel light headed my breathing caught up and stuck in my chest, my lungs not pushing it up and out of my body.

I start to talk out loud, listening at first, sympathizing to others, numb to myself and my own feelings. I’ve felt numb for so long a protection from my feelings, safer than being reactive.

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One thought on “Breathe

  1. Hi, I know how it feels to be trapped by your own feelings. I’m only now just coming to terms with this and dealing with it as best I can. I hope you find your peace! Much love bb

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