The Power of Positive Words

I know I haven’t been writing lately and to my followers I apologize. I’ve been doing some deep work on myself and sometimes I’m pretty tired and not up to writing. However, I come here today to share a couple of things that I have learned that are positive and healthy; something we can all do easily and every day.

Have you ever heard of a daily intention? A daily intention is where you write what your healthy intentions are, usually after you wake up. Make sure your intention comes from the part of you that wants to become healthy and not from your mental illness part of you.

Examples of healthy intentions: 

  • I will remind myself of my strengths
  • I will find things to appreciate
  • I will find words to encourage myself
  • I will congratulate myself on anything good that I do and savour the triumph
  • I will do artwork because I enjoy it
  • I will accept, not judge, my feelings

Examples of Mental Illness Intentions

  • I will try to do my job perfectly
  • I will buy nicer clothes
  • I will avoid all carbohydrates/not snack, etc.
  • I will do three hours of exercise
  • I will try to be strong and not ask anyone for help

If the above is too challenging right now, perhaps a gratitude journal is something to start with? I started one this week. I write 5 things I am grateful for. It isn’t easy at first because I over think it, but as I am learning to just “go with it” it is becoming less difficult. I leave mine by my bed and write in my gratitude journal nightly.