Recently I experienced a situation where my rage came out and it frightened people. In this situation the trigger was someone who wouldn’t stop pushing with her comments to the point that I finally answered back. When I did my frustrations rose and rose to the point I retaliated and when that happens my control goes out the window.

I saw my psychiatrist today and discussed this with him. He didn’t have much in terms of advice except that triggers can and often do cause one to be reactive.

I feel frustrated in that I have done a lot of work on myself mentally and emotionally but I don’t have control over my anger. This, is not ok with me. I realize that these things take time, but how much time does one need to get a hold of my emotions so that this type of outburst doesn’t happen and I scare people?

I do apologize for my outburst but the one who started didn’t; she came across as very self centered. She just kept saying that she has a voice and is entitled to use it. What the hell has that got to do with the situation she caused?

I’m waiting til after Christmas Break when I will start 3 mini groups on anger, hopefully the cycle will be broken.



One thought on “Rage

  1. I hear you. I have issues with anger myself and sometimes without any warning just blow. It’s a horrible feeling to lose that control and a vicious cycle that leaves me with guilt and regrets. But you are doing the work to try to fix the problem, as am I and we owe it to ourselves to acknowledge that. Best of luck with your groups. That’s a commendable and proactive approach.

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