I’m Anemic

Blood Test TubesEvery 56 days, I donate blood. I have done it 7 times now. Earlier this week, it was time for my scheduled appointment and upon having my blood tested, it came back low. We tested again and it only went up two points. The minimum standards for donating blood in Canada is 125 and I showed 117 and 119.

Even though the nurse feels the reasons why are more than likely because of my donating regularly, I can’t help but be a little unsettled.

About 10% of people who attempt to donate are deferred because of a low blood count.1 This is actually one of the most common reasons for being deferred from donating blood.2

A low blood count can also be called anemia, and how you’ll need to treat it depends on what is causing it.

A low blood count and any anemia symptoms should be taken seriously because they may be the first indications you may have an iron or vitamin deficiency, a chronic illness or another invisible cause. It is important to talk with your doctor about changes in your health – to understand which problems can be treated and to discuss your treatment options. With your help, a doctor may identify a specific condition that is causing your low blood count and help get you back to donating blood again soon.

excerpt from http://anemia.org/patients/blood-donation/

I am scheduled to see my family doctor tomorrow morning.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Anemic

  1. Well, Sierra, what a disappointment! However, there’s never been a better country or a better time to attack this and beat it. Medical knowledge is at a new peak horizon. Read all you can stand, like WebMD and Dr. Andrew Weil’s site, and just search for “anemia”. Depending on your exact blood profile, you may be able to bring it up with diet. All blessings in this!

  2. So sorry to hear that! When you’re anemic, you feel tired more easily, too. I was anemic for quite some time after returning from Indonesia, where I contracted food poisoning from some bad chicken and / or eating street food. When I moved to Japan more than a year later, I had to go on the stipulation that I correct my “anemia” and follow it up at a Japanese hospital on the US Navy base where I worked.
    Good luck with your doctor tomorrow. Hope you can find a solution.

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