59054_397950956941420_1785674337_nI realized something as I was at support group last night and that is I put people o pedestals.

Years ago I had to learn the hard way that my father (who passed when I was 7 years old) wasn’t everything I had decided He was. See, I had come to the conclusion that all the things I do/did remember of dad, although they are my memories. the reality is He wasn’t always the person I believed him to be.

Well it has come to smack me in.the face that I do this with most if not all people. I’ve had a past relationship where I saw him as my Knight in shining armor and I believed that He would always have my back and protect me. It was very painful to realize that the pedestal He was on,  just like my dad, was not at all I had thought it was to be.

I’ve been doing some reading and have been learning what “putting someone on a pedestal” means (to me). I have/had done this behavior seeking an idol to reach to become. However, In doing so, I take away the reality that I distance myself from who person really is.

This has been one of my ah ha moments where the insight gained can help me move forward in my journey with wellness.