Angel Babies

Things like Mothers Day, Christmas, etc. always stir up many conflicted emotions for me and while many say that they are enjoying their Mother’s day, others say it is just a day. I wish I even had a day. My Angel babies are gone but never forgotten. They would have been 10 and 11 years old. I realize that life is what it is and there is always a reason even if you don’t know what it is. I do cherish that positive pregnancy test I saw for both of my babies, they soothe my heart to know that I did create a life even if he/she didn’t make it to term.

I just want people to realize that this day can be quite painful for mom’s too. So please remember that there are others out there who are mothers, but just with babies in their heart until they can meet again.

angel babies


One thought on “Angel Babies

  1. I understand what its like to not have my children with me. I miscarried two sets of twins within 14 months of each other. I miscarried my first set of twins in November of 2013 and my last set of twins January of this year (2015). Mother’s Day for many like us will be painful however we now have more special guardian angels.

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