Assumption of What’s Wrong With You?

The months if not years have not been easy on me. It has taken months to understand whats been going on with my tummy, now it is my last migraine this past Tuesday which included problems w my speech.  It took me a lot to go to the ER because I have had to be there more than i would like.

So you see it isn’t just about my mental health.

Lately I recently became aware of the term Munchausin Syndrome. It means that basically I make up problems for attention.

Check out this link

This completely pisses me off that others who have decided to offer a diagnosis based on information they aren’t even qualified to diagnose!

I am quite aware of who I am and what my issues are.  You who judge my recent migraine as a “fake” because i tried to do a bit of a crossword to try to kill time, were you there? Did you know that I couldn’t get past 6 question? Did you think to ask if I wore sunglasses or better yet did you even ask what I tried to do at home prior to making the decision to go to the hospital?

My advice is stay out of my personal business. Don’t worry about me. I will be just fine!

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