Somatisation Session

I really don’t like it when I wrote my blog earlier and it went into WordPress space.

Therapy today was not easy and that is ok. I have come to see it is part of my healing process.

We used cognitive behavioral therapy to work on what’s inside of me. During my session I felt really nauseated and a heavy blackness in my diaphragm. 

I know its super important we talked through about telling myself that I am important and that I love me.
Sit with that for a moment,  look inside yourself what do those words do for you?

I have spent most of my life being an object instead being treated with genuine love and respect. Today I visusalized a gate opening around my heart. The feelings I felt were/are scared and unsure. Not surprising considering my head is what I have relied on.

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This entry is away for me to get whats stuck insife. See I self harmed yesterday. I haven’t done anything like this in a very long time. I felt I have had my emotions in a stronger place, but what this taught me is the importance of keeping incheck with yourself or at the very least reach out to someone.

My body has been telling through aches. pains and diagnosis of the impact that stress can do. The latest was a week ago with chest pains.  This has been an incredibly scary experience. The cardiac doctors are going towards muscular but I have one more test to do in August.

Relationships are tough. Mine is no different especially when there are outside factors involved. It has added to the above chest pains.

Friendships are not as easy as some would think. I have realized that I cannot make someone a priority if they cannot acknowledge me especially in a situation most friends and loved ones would.

Today my counsellor let me know my time with her is coming to an end. I admit it is upsetting but thankfully I have someone in my support team who has suggested a couple of places where i can hopefully continue my work on my mental health.

This has been one of the toughest patches I have gone through probably since my cousins suicide a few short years ago. 

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