Somatisation Session

I really don’t like it when I wrote my blog earlier and it went into WordPress space.

Therapy today was not easy and that is ok. I have come to see it is part of my healing process.

We used cognitive behavioral therapy to work on what’s inside of me. During my session I felt really nauseated and a heavy blackness in my diaphragm. 

I know its super important we talked through about telling myself that I am important and that I love me.
Sit with that for a moment,  look inside yourself what do those words do for you?

I have spent most of my life being an object instead being treated with genuine love and respect. Today I visusalized a gate opening around my heart. The feelings I felt were/are scared and unsure. Not surprising considering my head is what I have relied on.

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One thought on “Somatisation Session

  1. learning how to cope with yourself is a hard road, especially when most of your live you have been treated as worthless. You are a strong person and a survivor so I know that you will come out of this with a positive attitude and more hope for the future. One of the things I did was to forgive everyone that put me down or abused me in any way. I may not have done it face to face but in my heart I forgave them. I will never forget but I forgave and that helped me so much. They no longer control my heart and mind like they did before.
    I wish you nothing but happiness my friend and sister. lots of love too.
    I am just a PM away

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