A Diversion

I have started to upload videos of my fuzzy fur kids to You Tube. Originally, I started it at the suggestion of a friend, who has been making an income from it.  I never realized how many subscribers she has, let alone what or how to go about earning anything online. 

But now I find myself enjoying the opportunity to share my furry babies with all of you. I like knowing that I am making people smile, to share a laugh, to know that in some small way I am helping someone have a brighter day. 

If you would like to subscribe to my page, please feel free. I upload videos usually every week, sometimes more than once a week, a lot depends on how fast I can get the webcam lol. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHDLOHqhULc – This one is my latest, it is called Bell in a box – Cinder Style 

Cinder is my ginger kitten. I rescued him last Fall. He and his “sister” Ella (who is the ragdoll kitten) in the video have a lot of fun all the time. The tuxedo grey and white one is Jingles, he is over a year old and I rescued him when he was just a few months old. 

Blaze is my Jack Russell Terrier, who is 6 years old and is a lot of fun all the time!