When Trust and Responsibility are broken

I write this here instead of my rescue blog because I will be writing about Trust and Responsibility, both of which apply to my mental health blog AND my animal rescue blog.

I volunteer for animal rescue, namely dogs. I have experienced two rescues who have turned what is supposed to be a positive experience into a breaking of trust and responsibility.

When rescue organizations take on dogs, as part of their agreement, regardless if the animal needs medication, spay/neuter/ or surgery, it is the responsibility of the rescue to cover those expenses. Right now a rescue I helped a dog named Zeus receive surgery by fundraising, has closed shop and is no longer taking responsibility for the expenses for Zeus’ surgery or to the spay as well as behavioral issues of another dog I have been made aware of. Phone calls, emails, and text messages have been sent without a reply. This is completely unacceptable. I have been working with other people today to figure out the necessary steps so that Zeus and other dogs who require medical attention, receive it.

The rescue community does not look kindly to those who seek to take advantage of fundraising because those monies are raised in good faith and are recorded on the account to show coverage of medical expense. In Zeus’ case, only $1,000 was shown, and the fundraising raised was $3,200. At this time, there is no accounting of the other funds.  Today a new fundraiser has been set up for Zeus because he now needs his second surgery, things will be handled very differently so that all involved will see where the fundraising monies went to.

Dogs coming into rescue don’t come just from where I am located, they come from all over so it needs to be noted that some non ethical rescues are going to walk away from their dogs no matter where they come from. Ethical rescues don’t, no matter where their dogs come from. Isn’t it time to focus on how rescue is done rather than from where?

I write this blog because I feel it is very important that people know what they should be aware of. I know there are other rescues out there, some are called “flippers” which means they take on dogs strictly for the money. They do not check out the applicant or their home in screening. Some have been known to adopt “right off the truck” so to speak.

Below is a message on the Go Fund Me Page for ZEUS. Please share his link or if you can, please donate as ZEUS is in real need for the surgery – https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/rc8y8z4

I am a volunteer, I am not affiliated with any rescue, I have stepped up to help with running Zeus’ Fundraising.He used to be with a rescue but they shut their doors and Zeus’ foster family have been left to attend to Zeus’ surgery out of pocket. This is unacceptable.

If you can help share this page, or the Go Fund Me Page, or Donate, it would be greatly appreciated!

ZEUS - Marion


November is Adopt a Senior Month

For me, I love having an older dog. Maybe its because they are so often forgotten in the over populated shelters, or perhaps it is because they need love and attention, like I do. Either way you look at it, as much as I love puppies, they are a lot like having a toddler and honestly I don’t have the energy all the time to be watching for every little thing they can and will get into.

Below is a list of reasons why it is an excellent idea to adopt a senior dog.

10 Great Reasons to Open Your Heart to a Senior Pet

  1. Older dogs have manners. Unlike puppies, many grown-up dogs have spent years living with a family and being socialized to life with humans.

    They may have received obedience training and respond to commands like Sit, Stay, and Down.

    Many are house trained and it takes a matter of hours or a day or two to help them learn the potty rules in their new home.

  2. Senior pets are less destructive. Most older adoptive pets are well past the search-and-destroy phase.

    You don’t need to worry so much about finding your favorite pair of shoes or a table leg chewed beyond recognition. Chances are your senior kitty has no urge to overturn your potted plant or shred the handmade quilt your grandma gave you.

  3. What you see is what you get. A senior pet holds no surprises as to how big he might get, what color his adult coat will be, or whether his hips will be healthy. A senior pet comes to you with his own history, which makes his future much more predictable than that of an 8-week old puppy or kitten.
  4. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Adult dogs can focus on the task at hand (unlike many of their much younger counterparts). If your adopted older pet needs to learn a few things in her new life with you, not to worry. Enroll her in an obedience class, contact a trainer, or go the do-it-yourself route. Older dogs are more attentive than puppies, and more eager to please their humans.
  5. You can custom order your senior pet. If you’re looking for a short-haired cat, for example, or a kitty with no history of dental disease, you can search until you find an older pet with exactly those attributes. If you already have a cat and need your adoptive dog to get along with cats, again, you’ll have a much better chance of finding an older adoptive dog who is a perfect companion for your family.
  6. You can adopt a purebred pet if you want. If you really love a certain breed of dog or cat, chances are there’s a breed rescue club that can point you in the direction of older purebred pets in need of homes.
  7. Senior pets are great company for senior citizens. Many elderly people find the calm presence of an older pet very comforting. They appreciate having a companion who is also ‘getting up there’ in age, doesn’t mind hearing the same stories again and again, and is content to move through life at a slower speed.
  8. Older pets are relaxing to hang out with. Senior dogs and cats have all the basics down and aren’t full of wild energy to burn. Because you’re not constantly chasing around or cleaning up after your older pet, you have a lot more time to spend finding fun things to do or just relaxing together.
  9. Adopted senior pets are grateful for your kindness. Somehow, older pets seem to know you gave them a home when no one else would. Many new owners form a close bond very quickly with their senior dog or cat, because the pet shows them a level of attention and devotion that is unique to older adopted animals.
  10. You can be a hero to a deserving dog or cat. Almost without exception, people who adopt older animals feel a special sense of pride and purpose in opening their heart to a hard-to-place pet. Doing a good thing really does make you feel good!

Article provided by http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/02/15/benefits-of-adopting-an-older-pet.aspx?x_cid=20141101_ranart_benefits-of-adopting-an-older-pet_facebookpets


Meet our girl Tika, she is our adopted 12 year old Chi/JRT


Our other adopted sweetheart is Lucy, she is 8 years old

1452559_10152050889002110_95247048_n 1455902_10152050887997110_218085892_n

Our boy Blaze who is 9 years old

Have a great Sunday! Please remember to ADOPT NOT SHOP!!

Out of Body Feeling

Yesterday I was one of a few first responders on scene to a multiple car fatality. You can read more about it here http://ramblingpets.wordpress.com/2014/03/16/car-accidents-and-animals/.

I keep having visions of the deceased, I see him everywhere. I see everything about that afternoon. Friends said to take the support of Victim’s Services and call them and I have done so. I am relieved that what I am experiencing is “normal” “i.e. as a result of the trauma”.

I did look up PTSD for symptoms and ways I could help myself. I don’t know if I can help myself, I believe I can, but is this something my psychiatrist can help me with? Is this something my therapist can help me with, or is this yet another qualified person who can help me?

My moods swing, one minute scattered, and I call it “little” as in childlike in behavior; The next I feel annoyed and frustrated. Why does everything with my moods have to do with feeling angry?

Victim’s Services wanted me to know that what we did yesterday with gathering the dogs helped a lot as it meant the paramedics, fire and police department could focus more on the scene. She told me not to take that lightly, that although it may have felt minor, it really isn’t.

They say everything happens for a reason and I being a spiritual person, I have lit a candle for the deceased, his family and to the ones involved yesterday. If there is a lesson for me to be learned, I am hopeful that I will see and I will take what I need from it and go forward.

In the meantime, my processing of this tragedy has only just begun.



Birthdays, Christmas and BPD

My birthday is on Monday, the 23rd of December, I don’t have memories of birthday parties or presents from childhood friends. Christmas, when I was a young child, I remember family, playing bingo, laughter and memories. Living with BPD, I can tell you that the last few years, I’ve spent alone, sad and depressed.

My spouse is leaving for the holidays on Sunday, to spend it with his family. I’ve put out a request to my cousin to spend Christmas dinner with her and her family.

This time of year sucks, always has for me more so as an adult, on top of BPD, my mood swings have been really severe. I’ve swung from being super angry, to feeling intense emotions on the verge of tears, yet nothing happens.

The only thing that keeps me grounded is my pets, without them, I would be nothing.


Fundraising for Lexi


Lexi was surrendered to our Organization – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Out-of-the-Dog-House-Rescue/208585425901723?fref=ts Out of the Dog House Rescue. She has been neglected and after her visit with our vet May 7, 2013, she is going to need surgery to remove stones in her bladder, if we don’t have them removed, she will continue to bleed when she urinates. She needs to have teeth extracted as they are rotten.

Won’t you please find it in your heart to donate to a very worthwhile cause? To be able to give Lexi the opportunity to live her life to the fullest. She is 5 1/2 years old and was locked in a bedroom only to be let out for bathroom breaks. She is incredibly loving and has been doing very well with her foster family and her pets. Lexi, does have an interest in the cats, but given everything she has gone through, she has been doing very very well. She walks well on a leash, she does listen to instructions. She is very cuddly and loves car rides LOL!

Originally posted on Wags and Wiggles page on Facebook and blogged on Rambling Pets https://www.facebook.com/pages/Out-of-the-Dog-House-Rescue/208585425901723?fref=ts

To donate please go to

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Thank you so very much~!


Emotions Transferred

Yesterday while in group I had spoken of how I feel virtually nothing for my family and that when asked if I missed them, or if it scared me with the lack of feelings, I replied that after trying for so long, and repeatedly being ignored, I suspect that combined with years of domestic abuse on top of it, I no longer want to feel those feelings of longing for family. 

The therapist mentioned that the love I have wanted to feel and haven’t, I have transferred to animals because they give back to me everything I have never received. 

Yesterday my sister was out with my nephew at his swimming lessons. I had asked what level he was, she replied that he if he completed level 1, he will be an Orca. I was very excited for him and said I would love to watch sometime. Well, crickets entered the room and communication was instantly stopped. 

This, unfortunately, is all to common in my life and I can see why my emotions are not with humans, but with animals. 


Emotional Neglect

Emotional neglect – something I never saw my family do to me growing up. I admit I’ve been angry most of my life around my mother and her lack of parenting but neglectful, I never put those words into place, until today. 

I started group today by discussing that my conversations with a relative have revealed that she never knew about my mental illnesses. I know there is steady communication between my bio mom and this relation, especially on Facebook as she does live far away.

In my morning group, I went on further to reveal that growing up my bio mom treated me like I was invisible. After thinking on this some more, I have come to realize my mother most likely resented me because I chose to maintain a relationship with my father’s family after his passing 37 years ago.  I remember the arguments about how my grandparents refused to let my father die or that mother was very angry that I stood strong against any words used negatively against dad’s side of the family.

My mother was of the mindset that dad is dead, we are moving on, end of story. BUT she didn’t take into consideration what the needs of a 7 year old girl were during this time.

I explained to the group that the adult “me” who is present and understands right and wrong, is the one who has to soothe the little girl in me. That it is especially difficult around the holidays, birthdays, summer time camping trips, and other holidays that I see happen on my sister’s FB wall. I did mention that my boyfriend and I can’t afford both of us to travel to Texas twice a year, where he goes to see his children; so a lot of times I am by myself and its a “skype” Christmas. 

I feel a lot of emotions in my stomach and I am not sure if they will come out of me or not. What that looks like, I’m not sure if it is by crying or by rage. At the end of the day, “C” said I have to find a way to accept that my mother did the best she could with the tools she had; even though that was clearly not enough. We spoke on Radical Acceptance. He agrees, this is no doubt very painful and I’m not sure what to do with this stuff that has surfaced today. 

I wonder if what I am feeling is grieving? That I am grieving what I didn’t get as a child? What I feel isn’t anger, it is sadness. I feel sad that this little girl inside of me, who has attached herself to the animals we have in our home, as a means of filling her emotional needs. 

Maybe I need to go to the gym? Ahhh, I dunno, to be honest what I need, other than a cup of tea that has been so thoughtfully given to me by my very loving boyfriend.