Exploring Your Ideal, Authentic and Actual Self

purple butterflyBoy was this is a deep and heavy group this morning! Some things are becoming clearer slowly.

When we look at our “ideal self” this is usually someone else’s view of how we are/should be, (supposed to act). Here is a list of examples for your Ideal Self:

  1. Don’t Cry
  2. Hide Emotion
  3. Deny her/him own feelings
  4. “I’m strong/ I don’t need help”
  5. Might think people don’t care about her/him
  6. Unable to grieve
  7. Fear of letting her/himself being loved
Authentic Self

The best way to describe this area is that you are able to express emotions.

  1. You are able to love
  2. You are able to grieve
  3. You are able to feel (show) emotion
  4. You are able to cry
  5. You can feel safe
  6. You can be vulnerable
  7. You can let yourself be open to be comforted
  8. You can feel happier
  9. You can feel acknowledged

This is where one would ask themselves “who am I”, “who do I want to be?” This is where I find myself. I don’t know who I am, I know who I have been, and how life has changed over time albeit slowly.

  1. Being able to compromise
  2. May feel complicated
  3. Could be striving
  4. May be confused
  5. Trying to find clarity
  6. Feeling fear and frustration
  7. Impatience
  8. How to be (figure out) oneself