Who Am I?

Animal lover and blogger. I run more than one blog and have chosen this blog  about my journey to wellness.

These last few years have been about finding good health care, that is supportive as well as informative. I have found that. I am in a peer based process group for those with Bipolar and/or Borderline Personality Disorder, both of which I have. I have now joined an Eating Disorder program that is a minimum 18 months where you can then step out for 3 months and then return.

I have struggled for many years, predominantly diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I’ve endured various struggles in life that have presented themselves with significant traumas. The last 5 years have been literally dedicated to healing and  find my authentic self. A woman who enjoys being herself, but until I learn who she is, it will be a journey of progress.  Right now I am working with finding out what it would be like to know who I really am. This is not an easy task; there is emotions that are coming up that are very unfamiliar.

I want to shed the light on mental illness as a survivor and to hopefully teach YOU something as well.




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