Med Changes and Hospital Stay

So last week at my routine psychiatrist appointment, after discussing how the holidays had been for me, Dr. M recommends we up 2 of my medications, reduce one that I can’t wait to be off of and leave the other the same. The goal is to get my moods to stabilize. I asked Dr. M. where he felt I was at, he said that I was a little stable, but not where he wants me to be.

Funny, what did you expect with the month of December sucking horribly, of course I’m not balanced!!

During Dr. M writing up his script changes he asks me if I will go to the hospital. This is not the first time he has done this. He said that I look very tired. He asked if I look tired because I was coming in from the cold into the warm? I said nope, I look like this because I am as tired as I look. The circles you see around my eyes, are real.

I have asked him before if I were to go to hospital how long would I be there. He said about a week, and I wouldn’t have to wait, now given how our medical system is, I am hesitant to believe a person can just “walk in” because the doctor wants you there.

So I didn’t go into hospital.

I have 2 groups I attend, my spouse was out of town, and my pets would have to go to boarding; the cats would need looking after at home. Then there would need to be someone to pick up my spouse at the airport in Seattle and that is over 2 1/2 hours one way to do that!

My therapist said is it possible that he wanted me to go to be observed with the medication changes? I said I dunno, but when someone says how tired you look, I’m willing to bet its not about the medication changes.

So now I’ve been on the changes almost a week now, still feeling exhausted, but hopefully the mood swings will not be so strong. Will know better next week when I see Dr. M.